Computer Based Education

In order to gain an appreciation for the impact of computer based education, I took advantage of the opportunity to learn something through I'm fortunate to have access to the full array of educational videos on that site through a work-based subscription. 

I decided to learn more about how to use WordPress to develop websites. In my CAI assignment I documented the experience of learning something new through a computer assisted instruction application including my reason for learning, subject of learning, anticipated outcomes, what I achieved, the product I produced as well as a discussion of the benefits and detriments of CAI. 

It should be noted, however, that this entire 610 e-Portfolio serves as a demonstration of what I have learned, and how much I've learned even since completing the CAI assignment in MDDE610. In a few short weeks, I've managed to develop this website entirely through the use of skills learned through a computer assisted instruction process.

 My completed CAI assignment can be accessed at this link.


The content on this page is linked to the learning outcomes for Unit 6. To see the full list, click here: