MDDE 610: Survey of Current Educational Technology Applications

Formerly "Introduction to Current Distance Education Technologies"


This course will give you hands on experience with, and allow you to make a critical evaluation of a number of the computer-based technologies that are currently used in distance education. This course "walks the talk" and as you progress through the course, a number of different technologies will be used to present material, to notify you of upcoming course-related activities, and to allow you to communicate with your classmates and the instructor in a number of different ways.



Technologies Examined During the Course

  1. Electronic portfolios
  2. Asynchronous tools
  3. Synchronous tools
  4. Social software educational tools
  5. Computer based education
  6. Web 2.0 applications
  7. Mobile applications 
  8. Cloud computing, virtualization and green computing

We will address criteria for the selection of technologies appropriate to the students' particular situations.

Course Objectives

  • To gain hands-on experience with, and undertake a critical evaluation of a variety of educational technologies.
  • To learn to apply media attribute schema and Bates ACTIONS/SECTIONS criteria to various media. 
  • To apply adoption theories to a particular technology that could be used in your own local teaching/learning context. 

Please note, when watching this video, I'd encourage you to select the Closed Caption option. I created my first set of Closed Captions on this video as I had never tried doing that before but need to practice as I have a deaf student in my class next year and am otherwise trying to create learning materials with universal design principles in mind.