Unit 2: E-Portfolios


After studying this unit you should be able to:

  • describe what an electronic portfolio (e-portfolio) is,
  • identify different uses for e-portfolios,
  • describe how the e-portfolio may be used in the MDDE program,
  • identify the alternative tools available for developing e-portfolios, and
  • begin to develop an e-portfolio that describes your journey through MDDE610.


Athabasca University (2011). What is an e-portfolio? Retrieved August 29, 2011 from http://cde.lms.athabascau.ca/mod/page/view.php?id=4593.

Reflections & Artifacts

e-Portfolios offer students the opportunity to showcase their learning in a unique and media-rich format. The experience of creating the portfolio provides students with an active environment for processing what they are learning, as they are learning it and offers a unique space for the collection and curation of their individual learning artifacts.



It is my hope that the contents of this ePortfolio provide an adequate representation of my appreciation for the use of websites as a medium for collecting, curating and displaying evidence of having met course learning outcomes. 

I welcome your feedback.




Why I Chose WordPress

I chose to present my e-Portfolio through WordPress after having success working with the software on a web design project for a non-profit agency. It was through the CAI assignment that my skills improved and so it seemed a natural extension to continue working with the product to develop this collection of MDDE610 learning artifacts.

WordPress is also desirable to me because I'm able to access the site long after I've completed my studies with Athabasca, and I intend to continue using WordPress to create my final capstone portfolio for the MDDE program.




Below you will see a series of screen captures which illustrate the variety of e-portfolio collections I've made over the last year as a student in four different courses.









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