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The Athabasca Landing is both a social and academic arena for students, professionals and experts to gather, share, communicate and generally converse about topics of interest. In my time as a student at Athabasca I have not become a regular user of the Landing. As I reflect on the reasons for this I generate the following conclusions:

1. I'm a true introvert at heart and don't often feel compelled to connect with others; that seems to have transferred to my online persona as well.

2. When I was first introduced to the Landing (many years ago) I didn't 'get it'. Perhaps the interface was clunky, or maybe there was very little activity in the early days, but I didn't understand it's usefulness at the time.

3. My time for education is limited; as it is, I barely fit in the necessary hours to complete the exceptional work of which I know I'm quite capable. My intention is not to come across as precocious with that statement, but to instead underline that it takes a great deal of effort, time and dedication to achieve the results I'm interested in and that leaves very little time for social interactions.

Though this is my personal experience with the Landing, I have no difficulty understanding it's appeal, usefulness and growing value for it's membership. If I weren't in the final course of my degree, perhaps I might 'give it another go'.



As a student of the Master Online Teacher Certification program through Illinois University, I've also been exposed to the use of Twitter in education. Our instructor used it quite regularly to post weekly links of interest, but more importantly had all of the students connect with each other and stay on top of their discoveries through social media. This practice started quite awhile ago and has remained an active part of my professional practice as an educator and developing instructional designer.



Topic Expert: Lorne Upton

I had the privilege of participating in an Adobe Connect Session with Lorne Upton, a CDE doctoral student who was kind enough to present to our class. The presentation was well attended and I found myself wishing I had experienced more of the Landing in my earlier years as an Athabascan student.

The link to the recorded session is here: 

The session is available at

This material links to the learning objectives for Unit 7. To see the full description, click here:









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