Synchronous Tools

Face Time

Using FaceTime made staying in touch with family possible while I was away, and allowed me to collaborate with other students in real-time as we worked out details about our assignments and discussed the various technologies.



SKYPE was the main method used by our small group. We connected regularly to discuss our assignments and to support each other as we learned the new content. Because of the high fidelity video and fast connection speeds, the experience was very easy and effective. It felt as if we were all in the same room.

After having such a great experience with SKYPE for my classes, I was able to set it up for use with my family. Once I returned to London, Ontario, we were still able to keep in touch with Linda's son and husband through SKYPE. We've been using this every few days or so since we left Sudbury and it has really helped us all cope with Linda's passing.


Google Docs

Google Docs was a solution I used with a group member from another course this semester. We worked collaboratively in real-time to formulate our argument and final summary for one particular project. Though this software is often considered an asynchronous technology, it now has added functionality that increases the synchronous options such as real-time editing and chat while editing.


Adobe Connect

I have used Adobe Connect in the past during other courses and workshops. This is a recording of the session we completed as students in MDDE610  I enjoyed seeing the demonstration of the various functionalities of Adobe Connect and was pleasantly surprised to see how well the video worked with multiple users. I had to exit the session for a short time in order to change rooms as I was on rotation caring for my sister-in-law, but having access to wifi throughout the house made it possible for me to simply log back in to the session and continue on. Knowing that the session was being videotaped also helped ease my anxiety about missing out on anything during my relocation. I believe this is something I would certainly do in the future if I were to use it with my students. Being able to access the video recording for later review is helpful.


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