Unit 5: Video Conferencing


  • Identify the characteristics of 
    • Personal videoconferencing 
    • Web conferencing, and
    • Room-based videoconferencing
  • Connect ancillary equipment to your computer to allow videoconferencing 
  • Demonstrate how to connect to and participate in a web conference 
  • Demonstrate the features of the Adobe Connect web conferencing system.
  • Identify the difference between POTS/ISDN and IP videoconferencing 
  • Explain the difference between videoconferencing and Web conferencing 
  • Discuss examples of IP videoconferencing used in both K-12 post-secondary education 
  • Identify videoconference "best practices" 
  • Discuss the appropriate use of web-based conference systems in distance education



Video-conferencing generally belongs to the Synchronous Tools category. To see my experiences with Synchronous Tools, please click here:

Synchronous Tools

Room Based Video Conferencing

I have participated in Room Based Video Conferencing while at work. I'm often asked to sit on consultation committees when management is considering a software purchase. The last one I can recall was a pitch by Orbis Software.

There were about ten of us around a table and we could interact with the presenter through voice (central microphone on the table). At the same time, the presenter was able to demonstrate the product over the internet on a large screen that all in the room could see. 

At first the exchanges can feel awkward as there is often a lot of "can you hear me?" type comments throughout, but once all of the members become accustomed to the slight delay, and waiting to make sure no one else is talking before posing a question, it usually works out quite well.

Personal Video Conferencing

In the last few years I've started to use personal video conferencing much more often. At this point I regularly communicate with family over Face Time or Skype, and have started to use it with fellow students in my studies.

At first I was very shy about this medium, but grew to appreciate how quickly communications took place, and how relationships were formed more easily. To see more information about how I've used personal video conferencing, be sure read my Synchronous Tools page.

Web-Based Video Conferencing

As a presenter I've had very little experience with Web Based Video Conferencing. I suspect this is largely due to the fact that I haven't yet taught a truly online course. However, as an Athabasca student over the last ten years, I've grown quite accustomed to Adobe Connect sessions. These are often just presentations though and rarely do I have the opportunity to interact with the whiteboard or other interactive features.

There are a number of links to various Adobe Connect Sessions throughout this site which serve as artifacts for this area.









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